Winter kickstart course to get your season moving

Winter kickstart courses

Course objectives

The more time you spend on a snowboard, the better you will become. Well that’s not entirely true. You could be spending all your time reinforcing bad technique and poor movement patterns. Spending time breaking snowboarding down to it’s core fundamentals and slowly putting it bad together will allow your riding to become efficient and effective. This is once of the best training and developmental aids on offer. It’s giving your riding a service, making sure everything is working correctly, fine tuning your style. What better time of year to focus on this than pre-season, before the high season and heavy snowfalls kick in.



Early season shredding can often produce some fantastic conditions. This mixed with a strong personal focus on how to improve your riding will really change your winter. Cheaper lift pass, cheaper accommodation and affordable coaching. Its a win win situation. The Winter kickstart program is available in both a week long format and long weekend. Week long consists of 5 days coaching. Long weekend consists of 3 days coaching.


  • Fitness level required: 2/5
  • Maximum course size: 6 persons
  • Course fee includes half board accommodation, lift pass, airport transfers and all coaching

Course dates 2021

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