Backcountry Split mix courses

Split/Mix course blends traditional snowboard riding with splitboarding

Course objectives

This course is the perfect blend of learning to tour on a splitboard and traditional backcountry riding. Having the choice to mix short hikes with longer tours over the course gives greater flexibility depending on the weather and snow conditions. There is a constant technical focus throughout the week allowing you to adapt your riding skills to the backcountry environment. Another key element to riding backcountry is good decision making on the line you are going to take. Working on tactical decisions is paramount to becoming a strong freerider for both safety and enjoyment factors.


Be prepared to skin a minimum of 500m vertical or 2hrs per day for 3 of the 5 days. Our goal is to be riding the freshest lines and great descents with mountain safety at the core of every decision. It is essential that you have some experience off-piste riding, good fitness level and a sense of adventure. Ultimately you will have the freedom to go anywhere and everywhere.


All splitboard and avalanche safety equipment is provided in the course fee.

  • Fitness level required: 3/5
  • Maximum course size: 6 persons


Course dates 2023

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