Courses dedicated to splitboard touring

Splitboard courses

Course objectives

Searching to escape the crowds of resorts and truly appreciate the mountain environment? Our Splitboard courses are for those committed to earning their turns. Previous touring experience, positive mental attitude and a strong fitness level is required. Slow down, breathe, take your time and listen to the silence. One of the many hidden highlights of these courses.


The course is run over 5 days with a maximum of 6 riders. Be prepared to ascend minimum of 1000m vertical climb/3hrs touring each day. The end goal – riding perfect, empty lines with mountain safety at the core of every decision. It is essential that you have good off-piste riding experience, have previously splitboarded, a high fitness level and a sense of adventure.

All splitboard and avalanche safety equipment is provided in the course fee.


  • Fitness level required: 4/5
  • Maximum course size: 6 persons


Course dates 2023

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