Signal Epic splitboard

Sorry – we no longer have access to this video, but we are trying to find it in our archives.

Here is a sneak preview of this years splitboards and binding options that I will be supplying on the splitboard touring courses. The Signal epic split is a new board in their range this year. It is a classic old school directional powder board shape with a modern twist. They have added the wavelength technology which has been unbelievably successful with the OMNI range. This gives you classic camber between your feet then a 5 degree rocker in the tip and tail. All this gives you extra contact points to play with, less board to snow contact, therefore faster and epic float in the powder due to the rocker in the tip and tail. The splits come in 2 sizes, 156 and 160 and I have both available. The added bonus of the epic shape allows you to ride a shorter size than you may have done before when riding bigger lines.

I cannot wait to start using this kit – going to be EPIC!

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