Foglietta Challenge

Sorry – we no longer have access to this video, but we are trying to find it in our archives.

Last Friday I joined a team of 3 others to complete a charity challenge in Sainte Foy. The challenge consisted of hiking and riding La Foglietta in Sainte Foy 3 times in one day. This has never been done before as the average round trip is 4hrs and it is very physically demanding. Not only were we to complete this 3 times in one day, but each descent would involve a different discipline – First alpine skis, then telemark skis then finishing with Snowboarding. This was all in aid of raising money for “The Smile Train” and “The Kariandusi Kenyan School Project”. The challenge was the brainwave of Nick Walker and my role was initially to train Nick to a competent level of Snowboarding to complete that leg of the challenge. Nick then invited me to join him and 2 other guides to help him complete the event. We stayed the previous night in the high mountain hut at 2600m so we could start our first accent at 6am the following morning. Conditions were challenging due to the high temperatures, but through grit, determination, blood and sweat, we completed the challenge just before 5pm the following day. We are still waiting on the total sum raised but we believe that over 80,000 euro’s has been raised through sponsorship.

Up top is a small video diary I have put together from footage of the challenge.

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