Dragon APX + glacier glasses

I’ve been riding with the Dragon APX goggle for the past 2 years and any whose ridden with me knows how much I rate this goggle. The infinity technology lens gives you maximum peripheral vision which ultimately enhances your riding experience. It’s really hard to switch back to a traditional framed goggle once you’ve used the APX. Super easy to change lens and I haven’t experienced misting in the inside of the lens as the venting system works really well. The foam is sealed by plastic air vents which stops it getting wet therefore reduces moisture getting inside the goggle. These goggles are the bomb.

This brings me to the new exclusive sunglass to complement the APX range – the Roosevelt glacier glass. The boys at Dragon sent me a pair to test and feedback over the last few weeks on the Tignes glacier. These glasses have such a classic old school look that actually give it a modern edge and really stand out in the crowd of all the fluro retro glasses that everyone has these days. Again, Dragon has surpassed itself with the technology they have pushed into these sunglasses. Not only are they polarised but they have used an anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens which works extremely well, particularly as you feel “sealed” into this sunglass due to the side protectors. Having shredded on the hottest of days and spent plenty of time hiking the park I can guarantee that they do not fog! I’ve never really been a fan of riding in sunglasses, mainly because they bounce around and your eyes water from all the air flowing through. This doesn’t happen with the glacier glass as the earloops can be molded to grip around your ears as well as the adjustable nosepads. The only drawback to riding in these glasses is you are restricted with your peripheral vision.

When winter comes and the backcountry tours are on, these glasses are going to be the best addition to my hiking set-up. Ultimate eye protection without getting the goggle sweat on. There’s a reason why mountaineers ascending the worlds highest peaks use sealed sunglasses and I’m so stoked that Dragon has released a pair. Finally, if the full-on mountain look is too much for you at the end of the day, the glasses can be transformed into the traditional and stylish Roosevelt glass in seconds.

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